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As a student of the 21st century, you are poised at a very exciting time in your life. The world is your oyster and you have a wide range of courses to choose from. While we realise your need to pursue a life path that best suits you, we hope that GN Colleges can help you to realise this dream of yours. All round grooming focused on physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual development. A synthesis of carefully designed activity centered co-curricular system and continuously updated academics, equip students with sharp analytical skills, crisis management, emotional intelligence, composure in emergencies and health habits.

The group has been consistently reinventing Management, Engineering and Nursing education with the objective of creating global leaders who can navigate the ever-changing business landscape. The curriculum is constantly updated to meet the dynamic needs of industry and academia. This provides an opportunity to continuously engage in innovating curricula by envisaging current and emerging challenges and opportunities in the business environment.

Gangotri School of Nursing J.P. Nagar. GSN is Affiliated to U.P. State Medical Faculty Lucknow and Approved by INC Delhi. Nursing is a healthcare profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life from conception to death.

Nurses work in a large variety of specialties where they work independently and as part of a team to assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Nursing Science is a field of knowledge based on the contributions of nursing scientist through peer reviewed scholarly journals and evidenced-based practice